Welcome to srcoleyon.com! I'm glad you decided to visit. Here you'll find titles of my latest eBooks along with descriptions, as well as blogging and excerpts from these books on the blog page of this site.

For a quick title search, please scroll down past these few big paragraphs. You'll find a couple essay collections with five essay titles within each collection. For instance, The Power of Small and Tiny Things (an essay about ccr5-delta32--a mutant gene that slams the door on HIV--is in Noticing The Big Picture: Long Term Ramifications as Seen Through a Sort of Mustard Seed Philosophy. Whereas, Saving a Soul on a Budget can be found in The Strange Bouquet. Feel free, scroll down and take a look. Purchases can be made to your right...in that column over there where it says 'buy' and 'click here')

**An Update! Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making, is a new novel currently in final edits. It is a very slightly fictionalized version of the events that sent me careening into a world of 'confusionary tactics,' psychological terror, harassment, intimidation and orchestrated events. While I wish I could officially use nonfiction as a genre, I believe it is in the best interest for me and anyone innocent who wound up participating in the harassment due to strong-arming or efforts to compromise those with already tainted 'records,' to use fiction. Please know, I don't have the level of creativity it would take to come up with the material I will be presenting to you in Duplicity and Duress. I am merely using writing as a craft in the best way possible to report to you what has gone on. My hope is to have this to you by March, depending upon the time it takes to go through the self-publishing company I use called Bookbaby.com. Be on the lookout!!

All of these works fit into a category I like to call 'mostly true fiction,' which means these works are based on true events, with some poetic license taken here and there. And, let's face it, in some cases, I wanted to save my own skin. So, fiction it is. The 'saving the skin part' is true mostly in regards to the essays you'll find in The Strange Bouquet--that's where you'll find stories about some pretty weird events that came pummeling my way in 2011, hitting me with a force I have yet to understand. More of those stories, in fact a regular book not a collection, will ultimately appear in a novel that will be published in the not-too-distant future.

A little about me. I was the kid who never spoke. Too shy, or too disassociated to be connected to anyone else from early childhood through my mid-20s, I mostly entertained myself, not really knowing how to 'hang' with others. Why? The reasons are varied and many, but for a lot of people I think it is safe to say silence equals protection. If you see a lot of uncool stuff out there, and you're young, screaming at the culprits probably isn't the safest thing to do. Instead, we (meaning anyone who identifies with this) slowly crawl out of our silence, one step at a time. This is where writing comes in. The use of language in the written form is a way to figure stuff out, get it all out, release all that bottled up stuff and 'scream' it out to the world...in a safe way. Often, people who've felt silenced--whether young or old, have quite a bit to say. The beauty of writing is that you can keep working on the craft until your story or essay says exactly what you want it to say.  It is a way to gain empowerment when life experiences leave you feeling disempowered. I highly recommend it! You can turn your worst enemy into a blithering fool with the stroke of your pen. "The pen is mightier than the sword." Go on, try it! You know he/she is a fool anyway. Just start describing them on paper!!!!! By the way, it doesn't matter if you employ fancy graphics or all kinds of computer skills. I dared to release these no-frills eBooks. Finding an artist, or paying for a graphic designer, was beyond my means. But I know the content is good. It's what's inside that counts anyway. That's what mom said.

With that out of the way, I invite you to check out these no-frills eBooks. There's a little bit of everything in here. Milk and Pea Oppression was written SEVEN years ago, and is finally seeing the light of day. This is one that left me feeling so empowered, I ran home wanting to submit it to every publication I could! Many a writing group member has read it. It gave them a chuckle. It's opinionated, but in a sweet way. Adult in a childlike way, and serious in a funny way. More descriptions are below.

The idea to write Swan Song of the Sample Lady was conceived more than 10 years ago. Look how long it took to get it done. This is true for regular people, working regular jobs, without huge incomes, family or connections. But it can be done, and it's never too late to say what you have to say....just let the words fall out.

The other essays are more recent. I worked on them through my MFA program with a few of them being written as a result of having experienced a terrifying, humiliating, intimidating and bizarre experience that continues on some level today, albeit on a much lower level. In a way, the horrible experience scared me so badly, I was scared into returning to school. I admit it. I was also much more focused on my writing, becoming incredibly determined to fight against it all. A book on this experience, as I mentioned, is due out in 2017. Let's just say, I believe there is a 'they' out there, and if 'they' decide to slam someone, 'they' will...

So, a word about downloading these eBooks. They are available in .pdf, on most eReaders and on Kindle, which has a FREE and easy downloadable app to your own phone or computer device. You click the "click here' buttons in the column on the right side of the page, it takes you to the publisher's site (bookbaby.com) where the eBook(s) are easily downloadable.

Also, please excuse any typos, embarrassing misspellings or any possible convoluted grammar that occurs on this site or in the eBooks. While I relied on a very cool writing group to offer feedback, I have no agent or team of editors. Without that team of editors combing through the many pages of text and words, errors will happen. I've caught a few already! And I'm blazing mad I missed them! But, even if a huge publisher was supporting me, some typos and misspellings would still occur.

Below are the eBook descriptions. I hope you find a few worthy of a read. My goal was to make readers laugh a little, smile a little, maybe cry a little, recognize the good (and even the not-so-good) that exists in this world and to...FEEL. It turns out these books also have a bit of social commentary in there, bringing up minimum wage issues in the Sample Lady story and brining up issues about our food and addictions in others. Stuff like that. Enjoy!


Noticing the Big Picture: Long Term Ramifications as Seen Through a Sort of Mustard Seed Philosophy

Let it be known that the Ginger Snap can take anything, that it's ok to nose around in someone's business when it comes to life and death, there is power in small and tiny things, Whole Foods might hold the portal to the 4th or 5th dimension and that it really does matter if we have a DC or an AC president. Only in Noticing the Big Picture can such subject matters be tackled with humor and grace.

Essays included in this collection:

~The Ginger Can Take Anything: An Updated Version of a Seventh Grade Essay About Gingersnaps, United States History, Possible Misinformation about AC vs. DC Presidents and that Fragile House of Cards.

~Mending Poles (does Whole Foods hold the key to the 4th dimension?)

~The Power of Small and Tiny Things (What is with this mysterious and defiant CCR5-delta32?)

~Wanting Her to Live (Not PG-rated. Justified anger in regards to someone addicted to drugs)

~The Watching Machine (A peak into the bizarre and a prelude to The Strange Bouquet)


Milk and Pea Oppression

You will never see milk and peas the same way again. Milk and Pea Oppression is a tongue-and-cheek, angst-ridden essay written from a child's point of view about food, consumerism, growing up a child of divorce and the patriarch. It is a funny essay with serious undertones about our world today, what kind of food we are raised on and what we consume--food or otherwise--day in and day out. It brazenly touches on power dynamics, turning the tables in unexpected ways.

This essay just might leave you thinking seriously about what is presented to us as 'good stuff' when in fact, it might not really be that great. It might also have some of you reminiscing about Shrinky Dinks, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and Tom and Jerry cartoons.

This is an essay I wrote about seven years ago. It's been waiting to see the light of day since. If I say so myself, it's good! I knew it when I finished it.  It's my own personal little masterpiece.


The Strange Bouquet

Creepy cars stalking, puppet masters, Hallmark cards and Sir David Attenborough were carefully selected and placed into this very unusual and incredibly curious collection of written works by S.R. Coleyon. It is after reading the excerpt and two chapters from her upcoming book that makes one wonder what exactly the narrator was born into. It is as if her essays from childhood are the building blocks put in place to paint a larger picture of the path she's been on for a long, long time. If you've read S.R. Coleyon's Noticing the Big Picture collection of essays, you must might wonder what kind of intelligent design could be at hand. An invoking read that leaves readers questioning what in the world is going on here. And who else could this be happening to.

Essays included in this collection:

~No Bad Dog Walking (creepy cars stalking, hactivism, disorientation...what happened?!)

~Saving a Soul on a Budget (the greeting cards have it for less than $500)

~Fake Painted Flowers (if there is a curtain, I was on the other side of it)

~Venus' Flower Basket (featuring Sir David Attenborough and Life on Earth)

~Bates & The Five Essentials of Victory (...he followed The Art of War by Sun Tzu to a 'T')



Swan Song of the Sample Lady

You will also never see food sample ladies the same way ever again. Swan Song of the Sample Lady features a compilation of stories told from a demo lady working from inside the world of a very large bulk warehouse store.

It is my mom who told the stories, and it is me, her daughter, who culled them together for this piece, which is a tribute, in a way, to her. Something she so deserves as a single parent who worked hard, even after retirement. Mom had so many stories to tell about this coveted position, that I couldn't resist writing it down and sharing it with others. While it is simple and short, I'm very happy to say it serves as a platform for some pretty serious themes, which I'm pretty sure a lot of people can relate to. The Swan Song of the Sample Lady is heart-warming, funny, a little sarcastic and, it turns out, inspiring. It is about empowerment, workers rights, the absurdity of believing in scarcity, the mass production of goods, and it is about food. How important it is to understand what is going on with our food and who makes money off of it. It's about what we are worth, too. And, oh yeah, it's also about a daughter learning a little more about her mom. Realizing mom could experience a personal triumph that offered her a sense of empowerment she so deserved after years of not always being able to exercise it. Here's to moms and even dads who must go out there into the drudgery of everyday work to get food on the table.

For sure, mom followed through on Helen Reddy's promise, "I am Woman Hear Me Roar."